Tips to survive without the internet on vacations
Date Added: December 08, 2009 10:09:19 PM
Category: Travel & Luggage: Preparation

Internet- a full time addiction and a habit that comes into the way of your rest time, relaxation from everyday chores and pastimes has now widely been spread across the globe these days. There were times when there was no internet a all. No doubt the young generation couldn’t imagine a life without it, however the fact remains intact that it is not only probable to survive without the internet rather it is advantageous too. Especially when you take a break from your daily routine and go somewhere out on vacations to enjoy; don’t simply let internet become an obstacle in your pleasure time. Below are a few useful tips to make your internet split a pleasing and fun one.

1) Take pleasure from vacations: The best method to have an internet free vacation is to have a good approach towards your vacations rather than being obsessed in advance to be away from your net access. Don’t spoil the fun of vacations at the very beginning by feeling down. It will also impact on your family or friends who are to spend time with you. So try to connect with the real world and the surroundings.

2) Outdoor Activities: Avail the opportunity to get your body activated by participating in all the outdoor activities and stretch your stiffed desk muscles.

3) Fresh Air and Sunlight: Take full advantage of the beauty of nature. Listen to the natural sounds, take deep breathes, write poems on nature, or draw some sketches, watch the colors and enjoy the sunshine. Staying with nature provides you the opportunity to display your inner artistic abilities.

4) Relax and Calm down: Cut off yourself from the net world completely and relax totally. Don’t even think to check your net every half an hour. Don’t let internet become your embedded habit that makes you restless and disturbed.

5) Communicate with others: Take the maximum advantage of being out on vacations and talk with your friends and family. Share info, tell stories, share experiences, gossips, jokes and chit chat. Try to reconnect with your near ones without any electronic medium.

6) Board and Card games: Be traditional and old fashioned again! Have laughter and bring old days back by playing card and board games with friends and family.

7) Be glad to be online: Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to check your e-mails every twenty-five minutes, don’t have to look on the messengers sounds. Think of the refreshing feeling of not being compelled to run to internet to find solutions to your problems.

8) Planning and Preparation: Being on a break from your net activities gives you an opportunity to plan for future. Nothing is there to distract you. You can focus properly and make plans for days and years to come.