How to Deal with conflicts at work place?
Date Added: December 08, 2009 10:07:30 PM
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Man is not designed to live in isolation. He being a social animal interacts and communicates with his fellow beings. This interaction at times leads to unavoidable conflicts and clashes. No matter who you are, wherever you are; as long as you are alive you certainly have to face conflicts in life. Here are a few methods as to how to manage and resolve conflicting situations at work place.


First of all one need to identify the conflicts, as to why are they arising? Often colleagues have conflicts over decision making authority. One colleague is exercising more power is likely to promote conflicting feelings among the other employees. In such case you should try to understand the reason behind this. Moreover employees should more focus on increasing the productivity of the company instead of paying heed to non issues.


 Sometimes such a co-worker who is less than agreeable is the main cause behind conflict. They are always found trouble making for other people. If these persons are ignored, they are justified for what they are doing. Now it is the job of other coworkers to work hands-on with the conflicting party, gain their trust and avoid and resolve clashes at both ends. Be friendly and courteous to them while talking about problems they create for rest of the office and employees.

Team work is another workable solution. Team work creates a sense that higher-ups of the office will come to resolve conflicts. A worker from amongst the team will be in a better position to understand the psyche and temperament of his colleagues.


You should try to avoid jumping inn of many people in order to resolve the conflict. Too many cooks spoil the broth. As many mouths will give as many statements, which will further exaggerate the situation.


If you are involved in some conflict, give yourself time to cool down and rethink about the occurred situation. Now past always teaches you some lessons. You must learn from your past experiences in order to avoid future conflicts. If a conflict is handled properly, the co-workers will develop close friendly bonds with each other, resulting incredible increase in productivity.