Gas Saving Tips- How to get best mileage
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In the current scenario of global financial crisis, every individual tends to save money in every possible manner. Be it household related items or other commodities, saving is what everyone desires. In such a situation, there are several ways you can keep your budget in your limits by achieving the best gas mileage and saving gas used by your car. Below are some tips you can utilize and save your money.


Proper inflation of tires:

It has been observed that when the tires are under-inflated they require more horse power to rotate thus demand more energy in the form of gas. Always check the pressure of your tires before you start. Usually there is a small plate attached with the door mentioning the proper tire pressure according to the size of the tire.


Light up extra load

Check your trunk, front and back seats and check for anything extra you are carrying that you don't require. It surely will save your gas usage.


Remove snow from clothes

If someone enters your car wearing a coat full of snow and ice, try to drag it away as much as possible. Snow and ice are heavy in weight and thus will make your car burn more gas.


Never fill your tank fully

Avoid complete filling up of your tank. Keep it half. Less weight leads to consume less gas.


Proper time to fill gas

As fuel has dense properties, so it is denser at early morning or late night. The engine consumes fuel by weight but the gas pumps dispense fuel by volume. So if the fuel is cooler when you are pumping, the more you will get in the same amount of money.



Make sure your acceleration equals the gas consumption. The slower the acceleration the better is the mileage. Reasonable speed always saves your gas.


Excessive use of brakes

Similarly if you are habitual of using brakes continuously it will cost you money. Try to accelerate smoothly and then brake smoothly. Get a constant speed and avoid using a lot of brake pedal.


Advantage of Landscape

Try to take the advantage of up and down hills. Once you are at the top, let the car accelerate by itself, and ultimately the inertia will help it climb up the next hill by itself.


Plan your route

Try to plan your route before you leave your house. This will help you avoid traffic jams and busy areas thus keeping you away from irregular accelerations and brake usage.


Fuel Injector Cleaner

Sometimes your car might need a fuel injector cleaner. This apart from saving gas is also beneficial for the engines well being and cleaning.


Replacing Air Filter

Replacing the air filter may also lead to gas savings.


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