Take Control of Your Fly Away Hair
Date Added: March 17, 2012 06:28:49 PM
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Even if you spend hours each day styling your hair with a Sedu flat iron, or focusing on each individual hair follicle, some of them are going to try to fly away. It can take as little as removing a sweater, and your hair's standing up all over the place like you just stuck your finger into an electrical socket.


The Causes of Fly Away Hair


What causes fly away hair? There are lots of possible causes. You'll see more fly away hair when you've got new hair growth that's pushing out the old. You'll also see it as you get older and your hair grows brittle. Those white hairs that start appearing are especially uncontrollable.


Fly away hair can also be caused by overdoing the styling products. Many of them leave behind chemical residues that make your hairs separate from each other. It can also be a natural effect of the dry winter weather or static electricity.


How to Keep It from Flying Away


Fly away hair is most often caused by dryness. When your hair gets dry, each strand separates and goes its own way. Make sure that you keep a bit of moisture in your hair. The moisture makes it stick together and also weighs it down a little.


One way to keep your hair moist is to use moisturizer or simply spray it with water. Choose conditioners and shampoos that are especially designed for moisturizing dry hair. You can also give yourself a 10 minute scalp massage each night with wet fingertips and this may help.


The Right Brush


Fly away hair is also caused by friction. When your hairs are positively charged, they repel each other. This is the finger-in-electric-socket effect, only not quite as dangerous. Sometimes, using a new brush is enough to reduce this friction. Try a brush with natural bristles and not something plastic or metal. There'll be less friction and it'll also be gentler on your hair, which will help keep your hair from splitting or breaking.


Proper Blow Drying


The way you blow dry your hair may also have an effect. If you're pointing the blow dryer upwards even just a little bit, your hair may start trying to lift off. When you blow dry, hold the dryer over your head and point the nozzle downward toward you as much as possible.


Styling Right for Fly Away Hair


If you're getting a lot of fly away hair suddenly, this might mean that your hair is damaged. This is one of the symptoms of split ends. It might be time to get a trim. When those ends get cut, it'll lay down more naturally.


Your fly away hair may also be caused by over-styling. Cut down on the curlers, flat irons and straighteners for a while and see if it makes any difference. If you're using lots of styling products, they could be turning your just-trimmed hair that lies down flat and natural into a fly away mess.


Too much heat can really dry out and damage your hair, which in turn will lead to split-ends, fly aways, and an overall frizzy mess.


There's no one perfect fly away hair solution that works for everybody because it all depends on what's causing it. Try a couple of these methods mentioned above and see what works for you.


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