Tips to make your guests feel at home?
Date Added: March 08, 2010 08:45:30 PM
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There are certainly some acts that every individual would love to know in order to become a perfect host. One of them includes to make the guests feel at ease and comfortable as if they are at their own home. A warm welcome along with some attentions to the regular daily use items would definitely compliment you as a great host. If you wish to become a perfect host, and make your guests feel at home, then you should especially give a sight to the proceeding paragraphs.

New Toiletries:

Make sure that you provide your guests with fresh toilet accessories like soap, new bottle of shampoo, toilet tissue roll and other things. Remember that even your best friend or a close family member might not be comfortable with that half-finished bar of soap. Welcome your guests with a new bar of soap. This will impart a very pleasing effect at their moods as well.  

Well prepared bed:

Always try your guests to provide an as restful and elegant bed as you can. Tidy and quality, neat and clean pillow covers, couple layers of sheets, and soft and comfortable quilts will give your guests a perfect sleep after the days routine. If you are aware about your guests’ choice and preference, then try to organize the bed as he/she likes.  


Other accessories should also be present in the room. Keep in mind that the table in the room should not be empty. It is good to have a flower vase with fresh flowers for a pleasant scent. Also it’s better to keep a jug of fresh clean water and a glass besides it. So that the guests doesn’t need to roam around your house or kitchen in the mid-night in search of water. An alarm clock is also advisable to keep. Moreover to handle boredom of your guests you can place some magazines, newspaper, reading material or some books in the room. Don’t forget to keep a pair of slippers outside the washroom.

 Lamps or Lights:

Remember that most of the people are habitual of reading before going to sleep. Apart from placing books etc in the room, a table lamp should always be there. There should be good light in your guest room. Especially care should be taken that the light switch be placed at such a place that it can be easily turned on or off without getting out of the bed. Moreover a light near the door and a guest bath is highly appreciated in most cases.